Second Thoughts on Complying with the Mask Mandate

by Bob Dullard
American Thinker

I’m writing thus under a pseudonym because it’s not about me. Yet I have some unanswered questions regarding compliance with all the recent health fads.

The company I work for falls under the heading of “Essential,” so when the Governor of my state issued a “stay at home” order in March, we continued to work, “business-as-usual.” It was extended for a total duration of 5-weeks. During that period, we worked without masks or hand-sanitizer.

A few days before the order was lifted, we were told that on the day the order is lifted, wearing of face masks would be mandatory. All my co-workers grumbled: “The state is relaxing its mandate; why are we suddenly tightening-up?” We hadn’t needed them for the previous 5 weeks, so many were declaring defiance and refusal to wear one.

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