President Xi Launches Historic Purge Against China’s ‘Deep State’

from Zero Hedge

Just days after Communist Party officials censored a prominent academic who dared to criticize the CCP and its glorious leader, Xi Jinping, more news of what appears to be a mounting purge of dissent in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, as Beijing prepares a Russia-style vaccine rollout.

WSJ reports that one of Xi’s most senior allies has called for a Maoist purge of China’s domestic-security apparatus, insisting last month that it is time to “turn the blade inwards and scrape the poison off the bone.”

Within one week of the call, party “enforcers” launched investigations into at least 21 police and judicial officials. Dozens more have been taken down in the weeks since. So far, the most high-profile figure to face charges is the police chief of Shanghai.

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