Planned Parenthood Gets More Than 600 Million Dollars a Year from the Federal Government

[Ed. Note: Well, in fairness to Planned Parenthood, they’re only carrying out the mission of their founder, and exterminating the Negro population is expensve work.]

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

The amount of funding that Planned Parenthood receives from the federal government continues to explode. When Barack Obama’s second term ended, Planned Parenthood was getting about 500 million dollars from the federal government each year, but now that number has risen to more than 600 million dollars each year. As a candidate for president in 2016, Donald Trump said that he would defund Planned Parenthood, but that has not happened. In fact, it is not even an issue that is being debated on the national stage in 2020. So Planned Parenthood will continue to be showered with money from the federal government no matter who wins the election in November, and hardly anyone in America is still talking about how deeply wrong this is.

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