GDX: New Highs By Year End?

by Stewart Thomson

1. The main theme for gold and silver investors right now is what I call the “SHO” theme; space helmets on!

2. Simply put, as I predicted several years ago, gold (and silver) are becoming accepted as a major asset class for wealth building. Institutional money managers are first to embrace this new paradigm, but it won’t be long before Western retail investors accept it too.

3. Because gold is so incredibly well-supported here in the $2000/ounce price area, many miners can become growth stocks that keep rising in price for years even if gold itself rises only modestly.

4. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge. Silver is on the verge of another beautiful upside breakout. Eager investors should get positioned now, both in bullion and the silver miners. If the triangle flunks, the buying opportunity simply becomes more awesome… but I don’t think it will flunk.

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