End of Fiat: It is Evident in the Silver, Gold and Crypto Charts

by Hubert Moolman
Silver Seek

We are at the end of the fiat debt-based monetary system. It is becoming clear that the system is in collapse due to the enormous debt load.

The thing (debt) that it needs to try and survive another while, is the very thing (debt) that is busy collapsing the system. It is virtually spiraling towards death, come what may.

In fact, this why the world is in such a mess currently. You cannot have smooth sailing when the waves are roaring.

There are some clear evidence of this stress in the charts of “fiat alternatives” like gold, silver and crypto currencies. At this stage of the collapse, these alternatives are singing the same tune (they are extremely bullish).

As we will get further along in this crisis, there will be a big separation among these alternatives, based mainly on the criteria of value (but that is for another time).

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