Yes, You Can Get Covid-19 Twice

[Ed. Note: Yeah, well… When goats and pieces of fruit test positive, I just assume that a second false positive is about as meaningless as the first false positive. Is there anything left that they haven’t lied about? If you can’t see the agenda yet, what would it take?]

from Peak Prosperity

As we covered in a recent video, herd immunity is getting to look like a more elusive goal than originally hoped.

In fact, we are now seeing convincing evidence of people contracting covid-19 more than once. If indeed the case, that suggests we may never be able to reach herd immunity.

In today’s video, Chris talks with the spouse of a patient still recovering from a second case of covid-19. Hearing of this family’s harrowing experience with the virus gives a very personal proof that this virus is not “just the flu”.

It’s time we start emotionally preparing for the potential that we may be living with covid-19…forever.