What if a Covid-19 Wave Two Happens During a Natural Disaster?

And what lessons learned from Wave 1 should you apply to Wave 2?

by Adam Taggart
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

It’s hard to think about a second wave of covid-19 infections when countries are still wrestling with Wave 1. We don’t even know if one will occur.

But history shows it’s a possibility we have to be on guard for. The Great Influenza of 1918 had three waves, with the second being by far the deadliest.

If covid-19 turns out to indeed have a second wave, will it be more deadly, too? No way to know at this time. But again, that’s a potential outcome we need to be aware of.

Yet one other important question we don’t have the answer (yet) to: If a second wave does occur, what would happen if the timing coincides with another crisis?

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