Victories in Courts, Losses in the Culture | The Andrew Klavan Show (Ep. 927)

from The Daily Wire

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Conservatives win today, leftists aim at the future.

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0:00 – Intro
2:08 – Top Comment
2:50 – The Big Idea: The Future Is 1619
7:03 – Don Lemon Exemplifies The Left By Confusing The Recognition of Great Ideas By Flawed Men With Worship
9:27 – Supreme Court Defends the Right For Religious Freedom By Protecting Little Sisters Of The Poor From Being Forced To Provide Birth Control
16:00 – New York Times Editorial Board Condemns Supreme Court for Defending Little Sisters Of The Poor
21:15 – Democrats Are Trying To Prevent Joe Biden From Debating Trump
26:03 – Joe Biden Promised Teachers Union Protection, But When He Offered To Compromise Leftists Tried To Stop Him
28:09 – Don Lemon from 2013 Says Blacks Need To Take Responsibility For Their Own Actions
33:58 Henry Olson Interview

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