The “Government Put,” is a Tailwind for Gold

by Addison Wiggin
Daily Reckoning

Gold recently crested $1900, where it is today as of this writing. For some, the $1900 price level is an important indicator of momentum building. I’ll share with you some advice on the gold price offered by my zoom interview this week, George Gammon, Rebel Capitalist, below.

In an effort to help you sort things out, I’ve invited George to help us put the macro picture into perspective given the pandemic, shutdown of the economy, a bizarrely resilient stock market and prospects for your investments now and in the future.

Gammon’s own story — from serial entrepreneur to global real estate developer to macroeconomic guru — uniquely positions him to help put the current state of affairs into perspective. On top of that he’s a heckuva good guy, entertaining, approachable; he has a talent for making complex ideas easy to understand.

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