A Word About that Historic Bounce in U.S. Services PMIs: No, the Service Sector Didn’t Hit New Highs. It Stopped Plunging.

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

One Purchasing Managers Index said services fell further in June, but more slowly; the other said activity started climbing out of the hole. Both agree: Jobs dropped further.

Two US services Purchasing Managers Indexes (PMIs) were released this morning: The broader non-manufacturing PMI by the Institute of Supply Management, which includes industries that are not typically classified as services – such as agriculture, mining (also oil and gas) and construction – and the Services PMI by IHS-Markit, which is concentrated on the major service sectors. Services are dominated by finance & insurance, healthcare, and information/technology. In the US, services account for roughly 70% of the economy. And the data this morning showed majestic bounces.

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