2019’s Joker is 2020’s Reality

by Aaron Brown
American Thinker

The year 2020 in America feels like the end scene in 2019’s Joker where Gotham burns as the citizenry embraces the chaos spurred on by chaos-messiah, Arthur Fleck, the Joker. For the last four years, an audience of Americans watch America embrace the chaos-messiahship of the left as their saints questioned the legitimacy of the 2016 election, immediately sought impeachment, flip-flops on COVID-19, and now stands idly by as long-reigning progressive governments in Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland descend into Jokeresque chaos.

When the movie debuted last October, opinion pieces from left to right decried the movie. Claims from leftists wanted the movie pulled simply because of the portrayal of potentially harsh realities of mental illness. Conservative Christians wrote blogs on the nihilistic, postmodernism threatening the worldview of our children.

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