Investing is Not a Game and ‘Free Trades’ Aren’t Free

by Danielle Park
Juggling Dynamite

The ‘gamifying’ of stock trading has become all the rage once more thanks to the financial sales marketing machine, a go-for-broke mentality in participants hoping to ‘win’, and misplaced confidence that central banks are able to prevent asset prices from going down. This is what a shit show looks like and it always ends in shambles.

We are reminded of the tech-wreck top in 2000, the US housing and commodities bubble in the 2006-07 top, crypto-mania in 2017 and pot-stock euphoria in 2018.

Charlatans and the wilfully blind lead oblivious, greed-filled followers into harm’s way, as broker-dealers sell the order flow to ‘market makers’ who front-run to skim profits from dupe customers who think they are trading for free.

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