Ideas for Righteous Revolution

Exploring additional options for positive societal change

by Adam Taggart
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

As protests continue across America, it’s clear that there’s widespread frustration and anger held by a large percentage of the population who feels downtrodden by the status quo and demoralized by slim prospects for things getting better.

I’m by no means an experienced revolutionary, so take everything that follows with a massive boulder of salt. But watching the nightly riots raises the question: Is there a more effective way to create positive societal change?

I spend a lot of time analyzing and criticizing the worsening and morally unjust equality divide that has accelerated over recent decades. In my opinion, most of the major ills in today’s society have their roots there. The recent death of George Floyd has served to emphasize how certain communities bear more of the brunt of this inequality than others. And very understandably and predictably, more and more of these communities are reaching their breaking point.

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