Growing Dollar Demand, Silver Weirdness

by Keith Weiner
Silver Seek

The Federal Reserve has become more aggressive again, after several years of acting docile. As you can see on this chart of the Fed’s balance sheet, it has very rapidly expanded from a baseline from (prior to) 2015 through 2018, of about $4.4 trillion. After which, it had attempted to taper, getting down to $3.8 trillion last summer. Then it was obliged to reverse itself well before responding to the COVID lockdown. Since then, its balance sheet has gone vertical.

[…] More is expected to come. So, needless to say, more of what people call inflation—that is, rising prices—is expected to come. Never mind that in 1983, a pair of Levis 501 jeans was $50 (Keith remembers paying that price at that time) and today, the price is $35.70 at After 37 years of relentless—and increasingly rapid—increase in the quantity of dollars, the price of blue jeans has dropped 25%. Did we mention that crude has had not one, but two crashes in the last 6 years?

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