Gold, Stock Markets, & War

by Stewart Thomson
Gold Seek

1. Investors ignore cycles… at their peril. When I calmly suggested that a key virus cycle year of 2020 would see a “carpet bombing” of markets, most investors were not listening to the cyclical message of the markets.

2. Sadly, they were wasting time watching the government try to rebuild the American empire with Fed photocopiers, FATCA thugs, more government spending, no savings for a rainy day, and no serious defensive preparation against germ or physical warfare.

3. I suggested that approach would fail badly, and of course it did.

4. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this US stock market chart. I’m now suggesting that the 2021 “year of the war cycle” could see an even more ominous carpet bombing of America. I expect the bombing to hit many other nations, like the virus did.

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