Dr. Fauci: Hero, Liar or Sociopath?

[Ed. Note: Two out of three ain’t bad.]

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

The media made Dr. Fauci a hero. Was it because of his superior medical knowledge or because his “wisdom” would harm Donald Trump and his re-election chances?

Dr. Fauci clearly has impressive credentials but so do many other medical experts. Those who disagreed with Fauci’s draconian recommendations used data to justify their doubts. Fauci used data also, but data that was fallacious, based on models designed to scare everyone. Even when these models were corrected (at least twice) and down to levels that were no longer out of line with previous virus outbreaks, Dr. Fauci did not change his recommendations.

Science is based on hypotheses. A hypothesis can never be proven true, but it can be proven untrue. When that happens, that hypothesis is rejected and replaced with a new one which then becomes the target to measure data against. There was little evidence of Dr. Fauci changing recommendations even when the original hypotheses were dis-proven.

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