You Must Like Your Daily Sex

by Karl Denninger

The only difference between******and sex is consent.

It’s quite clear that the screwing that has been going on since March, as defined by the people of this nation, can only be described as sex as I can’t find even a single digit percentage of Americans who refuse consent.

Let’s cut the crap.

Since the end of March it has been obvious that there was exactly zero evidence for any sort of “lockdown” of any business or person save one — nursing homes.

I’ve been pointing it out. Trump had a point with the original “15 days” simply because we didn’t know where we were. I had a working hypothesis with regard to the actual “R”, methods of spread, their comparable efficacy and similar, all derived from the data available. It was also obvious in the beginning and middle of March that ventilators were not an answer and thus attempting to build lots of them was stupid at best — and homicidal at worst.

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