Why Lock-Downs Are Unconstitutional

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

I believe Republican Governor of Massachusetts is unqualified for public office. He has no idea about the Constitution nor does he really seem to even care. The First Amendment is the Freedom of Religion and there is NO exception in there that allows for a lock-down anywhere including in the Commerce Clause. He imposed a law without justification that there cannot even be religious practices with gatherings of more than 10 people. The average age of people who have died in his state is 82. He licks the ground Bill Gates walks on and that is a very sad statement.

In Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s executive order of March 23 limiting most gatherings to 10 people which included what the order calls “faith-based” events. The also imposed a $300 fine for not wearing a mask. Baptist Pastor Casey first held an in-person service exceeding 10 people on Sunday, April 26. On that day, the church encouraged people to stay six feet apart, offered masks and gloves to attendees, and required that they pass a temperature check to enter. None of that was sufficient for the governor.

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