Time to Let Them Die

by Karl Denninger

Pritzker, fat bastard, has pledged that there will no “return to normal” in Illinois until there is a vaccine or highly effective, sanctioned treatment.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker defended Sunday his cautious economic reopening plan, which leaves schools and many businesses shuttered until the novel coronavirus is all but defeated, saying the state will be unable to return to normal “until we’re able to eradicate it.”

Well, that’s up to the residents of the state; they can either tolerate being destroyed while their taxes skyrocket in an attempt to prevent essential services from collapsing, they can all leave the state and let him preside over a smoking hole or they can drag that fat ******* out of his office by his short hairs and replace him.

The original justification, as I noted, was that we needed to “bend the curve.” Now it’s eradicate the virus, which is not going to happen. There will likely never be a vaccine for this virus that works; that’s the history on coronaviruses, so Pritzker’s pronouncement is an effective and permanent death sentence for business in the state.

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