This is Our Idiotic Deputy Chief Health Officer

from Avi Yemini

On April 29 at 10.16 am, amid the worst Pandemic we’ve ever faced, the deputy Cheif Health Officer of Victoria didn’t have anything else more important to do but tweet this:

“Sudden arrival of an invader from another land, decimating populations, creating terror. Forces the population to make enormous sacrifices & completely change how they live in order to survive. COVID19 or Cook 1770?” – Dr Annaliese van Diemen.

Her tweet is medically and historically inaccurate.

Two days ago, we were celebrating the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s voyage to Australia. There was never an invasion, I think was she was trying to compare it to was the first fleet (still not an invasion), which was about 17 years later.

But let’s unpack what the second-highest MEDICAL authority is saying.

She’s calling COVID19 a Chinese invasion, which I guess a lot of people will agree with.
She’s also telling us that in her MEDICAL opinion we should not be here, letting Coronavirus kill all the Aborigines.

Victorians lockdown rules have been very different from every other state in Australia.

They’ve been based on personal and political bias, not evidence and fact.

Now you understand why.

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