The Roundup Stickup: The Difference Between Blackmail and Extortion

by Walter E. Block, Ph.D.
The Daily Bell

The long and the short of this interesting tale is that Timothy Litzenburg, a lawyer, offered the Nouryon chemical company a deal. He would protect that company from lawsuits when and if it was charged with promoting cancer, because it supplied the Bayer company, creator of the weed killer Roundup, with raw materials.

How would Litzenburg accomplish this task? He would defer future potential plaintiffs by creating a transcript asking softball questions, and being purposefully demolished by Nouryon’s toxicology experts. This would ward off any other law firm seeking to sink Nouryon into the morass of Bayer’s Roundup.

Nouryon would pay Litzenburg $200 million for this little service. If the company refused the modest proposal, the lawyer would drown Nouryon in “a parade of horribles that has been the Roundup litigation for Bayer/Monsanto.”

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