The Libertarian Divide Over How to Respond to Coronavirus

by Walter E. Block, Ph.D.
The Daily Bell

Why should this debate interest anyone besides libertarians?

There are several reasons. One, a perspective from a minority position might be of interest to those in the majority.

Two, in the not totally accurate but widely accepted definition of libertarianism, it consists of those who are socially progressive, economically conservative. As such, adherents of this view comprise an estimated 10% to 25% of the electorate. This is not overwhelming, but even at the lower end, it is not insignificant either. (The number of registered members of the Libertarian Party is less than 1%, but they constitute only a small part of the overall libertarian movement. Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, garnered 4,489,233 votes, 3.27% of the total, in the presidential election of 2016).

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