Man Who Predicted the Global Collapse Just Warned Investors They Should Now Prepare for the Collapse of the World Financial System

from King World News

Today the man who predicted the global collapse just warned investors they should now prepare for the collapse of the world financial system.

Stock Market Time-Bomb And A World Falling Apart

May 10 (King World News) –Egon von Greyerz: As the Nasdaq makes a new high for the year, the world outside the stock market time-bomb is falling apart. For example, the UN agency, The International Labour Organisation (ILO), reports that 1.6 billion jobs are at risk in the global economy. That is half of the global workforce of 3.3 billion. Particularly vulnerable are the 2 billion people in the informal economy. For most of these vulnerable people, this means no income, no food, and no security, reports the ILO. This is a human tragedy on a massive scale and most people in the Western world are totally unaware.

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