Financial Catastrophe is Unfolding – Robert Kiyosaki Updates You During Quarantine

from The Rich Dad Channel

“Central banks are made up of bureaucrats & academics who do not know what they’re doing. they do not know how markets work. They don’t know much about the real world. These guys can’t save the world. All they want to do is save their jobs.” – Jim Rogers

The horrifying truth is that (at least for the foreseeable future) the fate of the global economy will be determined by what the Fed does during the months and years ahead.

In this update, Robert Kiyosaki explains how many of the academic-elite experts that make up the Central Banks have little real-world financial education or actual experience. They live in ivory towers and, in most cases, are salespeople, more interested in getting you to buy what they’re selling than they are in mentoring and guiding you through the complex financial world. As the current ?nancial catastrophe unfolds, millions of innocent hard-working people will be sent to ?nancial hell by these leaders without souls.

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