Ed Steer: Silver Shorts Still Treading On Thin Ice

from Arcadia Economics

#EdSteer: #Silver Shorts Still Treading On Thin Ice

While the #silverprice has been held in check at the $15 level over the last few weeks, that doesn’t mean nothing is going on. Because to the contrary, the action beneath the surface is the most stunning thing I’ve studied in my entire financial career.

Fortunately, one of the experts in this field, Ed Steer, of Ed Steer’s #Gold and Silver Digest, joined me on the show to provide an update on what he’s seeing, and how this is going to ultimately unfold.

Ed is a close friend of the legendary #TedButler, and tracks the daily data more closely than just about anyone else out there. So to get a unique insight into the markets that you simply can’t find elsewhere, click to listen to this interview with Ed Steer now!

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Recorded by #ChrisMarcus of #ArcadiaEconomics on May 12, 2020: