Viruses 101: How Overprotecting People from Covid-19 Could Make it More Lethal

by Brandon P. Reines
American Thinker

With heroic imagination rivalling Don Quixote’s, our hysterical health technocrats are stuck in a time capsule in the middle of World War 1 from which they battle the most terrible pathogen of all time — the original H1N1 flu virus. How else to explain why they have adopted precisely the public health tactics — masking, social distancing, and quarantining — that were used in 1918?

Our wildly anachronistic approach to COVID 19 notwithstanding, we have spent billions for research and know volumes more about viruses and immunity than we did a century ago. The crime is that we the taxpaying public never received a proper education on the subject. I realized that myself 20 years ago when I first read J. R. Paul’s A History of Poliomyelitis. It quietly reveals that almost none of what we have learned in American public schools is even close to the truth.

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