Trump’s Swedish Gambit Against Virus Checkmate

by Edvard Jorgensen
American Thinker

At his coronavirus press conference on Saturday, April 4, President Donald Trump emphasized again that “we have to” restart business. But Allergy and Infectious Disease director Dr. Anthony Fauci has subtly if indirectly demurred on the possibility of such a restart. That puts Trump closer to virus checkmate than he realizes. He has moves, but they come from the misunderstood and misreported program of Swedish Voluntary Mitigation.

Dr. Fauci remarkably states that America can restart as soon as there are no more deaths or even positive infections. The problem is that may never happen. The “social separation” of the CDC/NIH reduces immediate hospitalizations, but also limits community immunity. So as soon as social separation ends, the second wave of infections begins. Under the CDC/NIH plan, the population over 60 will remain in continuing peril for years, unless a vaccine becomes available. And that also may never happen, as it did not for AIDs.

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