Trump: Pastors Hosting Church Services Give Covid-19 ‘a Really Big Advantage’

by Paul Bois
Daily Wire

On Wednesday, both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence advised pastors to either avoid hosting in-door church services altogether or keeping the capacity strictly at 10 people while maintaining a proper social distance.

During his press conference on Wednesday, the president expressed disappointment over the fact that churches cannot meet during this pandemic while ultimately conceding that the closures are a matter of public health.

“Some churches, as you know, have continued to hold services, even though you have advised people that they need to practice social distancing,” a reporter told Trump. “There was a pastor of a mega church in Florida over the weekend who held services that were attended by several hundred people. Should pastors be holding services in the middle of this pandemic, and even if they do, should Americans be going to church?”

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