Told You So: Here Come Food Shortages

by Karl Denninger

I told you we were ****ed; these idiots think they can prevent interconnected failures.


CHICAGO (Reuters) – Smithfield Foods, the world’s biggest pork processor, said on Sunday it will shut a U.S. plant indefinitely due to a rash of coronavirus cases among employees and warned the country was moving “perilously close to the edge” in supplies for grocers.

Slaughterhouse shutdowns are disrupting the U.S. food supply chain, crimping availability of meat at retail stores and leaving farmers without outlets for their livestock.

You cannot stock grocery shelves if there is no plant running to stock them with.

The hog does not stop growing if you don’t harvest it; it continues to require feed and for its waste to be removed yet there’s no money coming in to fund either the feed or waste removal since the plant to process said pig into pork chops and bacon is closed and thus the hog cannot be sold.

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