Three Ways New York Botched the Coronavirus Response in March

A hapless mayor and overpraised governor made false promises, gave inaccurate health information, and helped turn Gotham into the pandemic’s epicenter, according to The New York Times

by Matt Welch

The New York Times Wednesday published a long and damning breakdown of how the overlapping and eternally feuding governments of the city and state of New York helped turn the already difficult challenge of managing COVID-19 in the country’s densest metropolitan area into the health and public-policy catastrophe we are enduring today.

This is no mere didn’t-take-that-one-meeting-or-memo-seriously kind of Monday-morning quarterbacking, which too often passes for post-facto analysis of government crisis management. Instead, it’s a detailed yet necessarily incomplete list of false promises, bad epidemiological advice, and ideologically motivated decision-making.

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