The Sectors to Be Buying and Avoiding with Master Trader Nick Santiago (Ep. #10)

from Daily Market Wisdom with Nick Santiago

Master Trader Nick Santiago is bullish, but is of the opinion that 2020 is going to be a trader’s market. No more buy and hold. Nick has been bullish on the market since the Vernal Equinox (Spring). For the company week we’ll see a directionless market due to options expiry. It will be a week filled with games. The GDX is almost at 29, exactly where Nick predicted. Hotels are setting up to be a major score. We have put in a higher low and now we’re waiting for a sideways movement. $90-95 is expected if it does become a buy. Monster day for gold, spot gold up nearly $40. Gold has been soaring and roaring. It’s a bit extended, so Nick’s waiting for a pullback. You need to let it come back down to earth. 18.5% gain on gold trade yesterday. Silver’s pattern looking highly positive too. $17 silver right at its moving average, then expect a pause. Ultimately, it’s going much much higher. The mining sector is going much higher. Just look at Newmont! Wait for a pullback, let it settle in and then go for it. The trend is up. We take a look at retail, hotel, employment staffing, housing and metals. Listen to Nick’s take on them. The charts tell all.

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