New Research: Coronavirus Has a Second Route for Attack

from Peak Prosperity

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The covid-19 virus, while incredibly tiny, continues to confound researchers with the myriad ways in which it can wreak havoc in the human body.

Today’s surprise is that the virus may have a completely second pathway, separate from targeting ACE2 receptors, for attack.

New research indicates that, similar to HIV, covid-19 compromises the immune system’s T-cells and “turns off” their protective function, allowing the virus to replicate without interference.

And if that isn’t unwelcome enough, a new study reports that numerous patients infected with covid-19 show damage well beyond just the lungs. Described as a “full body assault”, notable damage to the heart, liver and other organs is also being observed.

In short, you do NOT want to get this! Not if you can avoid it.

So continue sheltering in place, social distancing, masks & handwashing & hygiene.

And keep up work on your garden!