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How can Marketers Take Advantage of The Gaming Industry? ??
Welcome to another addition of The Haven Download ??
They say Marketers Ruin Everything…LOL!
I can see how people say that.??
That is why the gaming industry is ripe for marketers! ??
Here are some fun stats:
*Travis Scott Fortnite love event attracted 12.3 million viewers ??
* The Gaming Industry is predicted to grow to $196 Billion by 2022??
* Twitter in 2019 saw over 1.2 Billion Tweets about video games??
As a Marketer, things you need to know
* Every game and Influencer has its own subculture. So your product needs a more customized approach.??
*Special Collaborations: Adidas has a line of products only for gamer Ninja X. Yes, a gamer has his ow line of products. Who knew? ??
*Surprising Demographics: The Average age of Gamer is 35 Years old! ????
*In 2017, the number one reason for divorce filings in Texas was “Fortnite” Sad!! ??
There is a huge opportunity for your e-commerce business to get in front of these buyers. Energy Drinks, Watches, Shoes, Clothes, Supplements…
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