Here’s Everything We Should Be Doing Now to Beat the Coronavirus

What Chris would do if he were in charge…

by Adam Taggart
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

Chris has been frequently critical of our leaders’ bungled responses throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

So today he turns the tables on himself and asks: Well, what would *I* do if I were in charge?

He walks through the major policies he would embrace to address both the health and economic crises we’re currently dealing with. Everything from resourcing the national covid-19 response, to keeping the public better educated and informed, to pursuing a bottom-up (vs the current top-down) stimulus program, to building a new vision for the post-pandemic future.

[…] He also shares the continued challenge Peak Prosperity faces from the mainstream media, who remain committed — by intent or by laziness — to painting our non-partisan science-based analysis as crackpot fringe hucksterism. The latest example of which comes from The New York Times who should, quite frankly, be better than this shoddy style of ‘journalism’.

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