Five Foods You Can Be Stockpiling All the Time to Enhance Your Food Inventory

by Mac Slavo

Stocking up on food is often the first step most preppers take to prepare themselves and their families for a SHTF scenario. And while food storage is important, it’s also never-ending. These are the 5 foods I recommend constantly adding more of to your food supply.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Because of the government’s response to the pandemic, there has been an influx of new preppers. In order to best help them, I will be trying to share items that can still be found and purchased and added to a food supply.

Don’t buy anything your family dislikes or won’t eat unless you can use it specifically for bartering and that’s why you are adding it to your food supply. If you buy food you dislike and never end up eating, it’ll simply go to waste.

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