U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Sales Surge First Three Days in March Due to Global Contagion

by Steve St. Angelo
SRSRocco Report

When investors become increasingly concerned about the financial system, they rush into physical precious metals. And, this is precisely what we see taking place at the U.S. Mint as sales of Silver Eagles surged in the first three days of March versus the entire month of February. The U.S. Mint hasn’t seen this type of buying for several years.

For the past three years, annual Silver Eagle sales fell below 20 million, reaching a low in 2019. However, that may all change this year as the global contagion spreads, motivating investors to shed paper assets and move into physical precious metals. For sure, investors should be worried when the Fed starts to do “LIQUIDITY BOMBS” via its Repo Operations as stated by Sven Heinrich, the Northman Trader:

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