This is How China is Profiting from Coronavirus

from Avi Yemini

The entire world economy has been brought to its knees. Every country is in some sort of lockdown, except for one, China.

While the rest of the world is shutting down as a consequence of China’s continuous lies. China is reopening for business as we speak.

But it’s the kind of business they are engaging in that should make you question everything.

As the world is crippled by China’s virus and desperate for products try contain its devastation. China is suddenly mass-producing those exact products.

Meanwhile, Spain and the Czech Republic report a shocking 30% accuracy in Chinese test kits and the Netherlands say 600,000 Chinese face masks distributed to their hospitals have had to be recalled.

But that doesn’t stop most of the world relying on China for all their medical supplies.

This virus started in China, and instead of China warning the world, they let it spread like wildfire and now when the world is desperate, they’re profiting off the virus.

If that doesn’t make you question everything about what we’re going through right now, then I’m not sure what will.

Mark my words; at the end of this crisis, China will have a strong economy while the rest of us will be struggling to survive. A lot of our companies will be forced to sell their assets to China, who are already waiting to acquire them.

China will own the world at the end of this unless we do two things immediately:
1. We need to bring manufacturing back home
2. And we need to stop all asset sales to China indefinitely

We need to do both NOW; we cannot afford to wait until the end of this pandemic.

Otherwise, it will be too late.

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