Stocks and Precious Metals Choice – Economic Cargo Cults – Quad Witching Stock Option Expiration

from Jesse’s Café Américain

[…] Repentance means seeing and being sorry for our own mistakes, sins, and foolishness. It must come first. Perfect people can never forgive others, or accept themselves as they are, only some distorted version.

This is why God does not forgive us unless we can forgive others. It is for our sake, not His. Otherwise we are dead to love. He gives us the great courtesy of freedom of will, and our refusal even for what is for our own good. Forgiving others is hard. That is why we were given such an extravagant example of sacrifice for others. For God so loved the world.

Stocks bounced today, off short term oversold conditions that were almost incredible.

Gold and the Dollar also bounced today, and the VIX remains in a very high risk level.

To say that the markets remain fragile would be an understatement.

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