So Far, the Number of Americans That Have Died from the Coronavirus is Greater Than the Number That Have Recovered

[Ed. Note: Until recently, it was almost impossible to get tested. How many hundreds, or possibly thousands of people thought they had the common cold and recovered without ever being testing? The Diamond Princess had 712 cases, and only 6 people died from it. That’s on a boat full of septuagenarians. This fear-mongering horsesh!t doesn’t help anyone, Michael.]

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

The information that I am about to share with you is quite disturbing, and it has some very alarming implications. One of the great mysteries of this coronavirus pandemic has been the widely varying death rates that we have been witnessing all over the world. For example, South Korea has had 8,981 confirmed cases so far. Of those cases that have been resolved one way or the other, 111 victims have died and 3,166 victims have recovered. So that would seem to indicate a very low death rate in that nation. But in Italy, things are very different. Up to this point, there have been 59,138 confirmed cases. Of the cases that have been resolved, 5,476 victims have died and 7,024 have recovered. Needless to say, that would seem to indicate a very, very high death rate in Italy.

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