Seller Who Hoarded 17,000 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer Donates Stockpile

by Eric Quintanar
Daily Wire

A man who hoarded 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer this month to sell online, but was then unable to sell the supplies after the Amazon marketplace delisted his products, has decided to donate his stockpile to coronavirus relief efforts.

According to The New York Times, Matt Colvin, a 36-year-old former Air Force technical sergeant, helped local church volunteers in Tennessee to pack away over 60% of his stockpile of hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes for distribution to people across the state.

The remaining supplies were taken by the state attorney general’s office – which is investigating him for price-gouging during a state of emergency – and the office will distribute the supplies to Kentucky, the state where some of it was purchased. Colvin has denied selling products during a state of emergency, on account that Amazon cracked down on his business earlier in the month, before the emergency was declared.

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