Ronald-Peter Stöeferle: Systemic Shocks Will Lead to a Loss of Trust in Central Banking

from Palisade Radio

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Ronald discusses their annual report “In Gold We Trust” which is due out in May and how last year’s report focused on the coming breakdown of trust in society. This year that erosion of trust may spill over into central banking.

Multiple systemic shocks are now occurring, including a global demand crisis, deflationary reactions in assets, a global supply crisis, an oil collapse, a rising U.S. dollar, and credit shocks. The worst may be priced into the market, and as a result, things could quickly become positive again after Easter.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Trust breakdown in society.
3:00 – Unorthodox solutions being discussed.
7:30 – Recessions and opportunity.
8:55 – Outlook for gold, silver, and energy.
13:10 – Mining stocks and silver.
15:30 – Producer Fundamentals
16:50 – Opportunities in down markets.
19:30 – Highlights from the coming gold report.
21:40 – Optimism toward gold and bitcoin.

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