Panic Buying and Hoarding – It’s Not About the Virus!

by Patricia McCarthy
American Thinker

It seems that nearly every community, especially those that surround our big cities, has been plagued by panic-buying amid the mass hysteria the media have whipped up around the Wuhan flu.

People are frantically buying toilet paper, for example, as though the companies that produce such items are about to be shuttered. They are not, but people are stocking up anyway. Are they all fearful of catching this flu? Maybe some of them are, which is why we are seeing face masks on people in lines to get into grocery stores. But the shelves are full by morning, thanks to the truckers who deliver the goods and the employees who work through the night to stock them.

But by afternoon, they are stripped bare — meat, produce, milk and eggs, all gone. It all seems so desperate until, as in New York, California, Illinois, and Connecticut, the governors of those states have shut their states down!

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