LBMA Colludes with the COMEX – To Lockdown the Global Gold Market?

by Ronan Manly
Bullion Star

With unprecedented physical gold demand across the world as wider financial markets collapse, coupled with severe precious metals supply shortages and the closure of the world’s major gold refineries, it was only a matter before pricing problems would flare up in the fictitious and flawed paper gold markets of the LBMA in London and the US COMEX, as we warned about here, here and here over the last couple of weeks. And indeed warned about here, exactly 3 years ago this month.

For when you trade limitless synthetic unallocated gold and de facto cash-settled gold futures in a tag team shakedown, as the COMEX futures / London spot OTC brothers continually do in the CME and London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) controlled venues, while providing fictitious price discovery when the physical gold market is on fire, and there is no gold supply to be found, then there is no alternative but that you are going to get burnt.

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