“Coronavirus Anxiety” is Running Rampant All Over America, and This Could Be Only Just the Beginning…

[Ed. Note: Read through the last six months of Michael Snyder headlines, and ask yourself if this man is for or against the spreading of anxiety.]

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

All across the United States people are getting really stressed out about COVID-19. Every effort to contain the virus has failed, cases have started to pop up all over America, and the latest numbers show that it is 34 times more deadly than the flu. And what makes this particular coronavirus even more frightening is the fact that it is so easy to catch. You can become infected simply by breathing in the air around you, it can live on solid surfaces for days, and some victims can carry it around for weeks before ever showing any symptoms. As this virus continues to spread, literally no public place will be safe, and that is really freaking a lot of people out.

But so far only 11 Americans have died from the virus.

If thousands start dying in this country, what is our national mood going to be like at that point?

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