Democrats Now Openly Embracing Cheating, Defend and Brag as They Sell Their Souls to Defeat Trump

from Tim Pool

Democrats Now Openly Embracing Cheating, Defend And Brag As They Sell Their Souls To Defeat Trump. Bloomberg is in, he has qualified for the Democratic debate.

Michael Bloomberg did not campaign honestly, he did not win over the hearts and minds of the masses. He gave millions to Democrats, he gave millions to PACs, he’s bought influencer sponsored content.

He is buying the election and buying the Democratic party.

And they are defending him

Stacey Abrams for instance received 5 Million dollars from Bloomberg and defended him on the view, now speculation emerges that he may choose her as his running mate.

Trump has won, he has made the Democrats so desperate that they have decided to renounce what little principles they had left and give in to the massive billionaire power.

They have sacrificed all credibility on campaign finance reform and fighting for the working class.

We knew they were desperate but never did I think they would stoop so low as to brag about the hard cash being used to buy their party and allegiance.

But here we are.

It seems as people like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi fail to put a dent in Trump’s campaign and presidency many others openly embrace the cheating. They will give him the stage and in exchange Bloomberg offers a Faustian bargain.

The soul of the party, the highest seat, in exchange for power.


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