The Debt Virus Spreads: While Bridgewater Predicts $2,000 Gold Rally


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At this rate, the Feds balance sheet may surpass its previous high of $4.5 trillion by June of this year. Good thing it’s not QE, but it is new money. So, while we’re told the US is growing nicely, the data and the IMF says otherwise.
This is just one reason the world largest hedge fund, Bridgewater, sees gold rising to $2,000. Additionally, they sight rising tensions with China and Iran, and the Fed allowing inflation to run “hot” above their 2% target. In other words, they will not raise rates even as inflation rises. Of course, that’s assuming they can control the monster they created.
But that still does not come close to its real value as a true safe-haven and store of value. Gee, I wonder if that’s why central banks are buying gold at the highest levels ever?


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