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Question 1. John S: Don’t you think it’s possible that once inflation takes off, that our government under pressure from financial institutions would pass legislation to peg things like consumer debt and mortgages to an inflation index. There by negating your strategy to pay off debt with inflated dollars?
Question 2. Rey M: Can you give us a Timeline Scenario of events when the media/government finally admits that the country is in Crisis.
Question 3. Katherine M: I heard on another channel that the world banking system may force us into digital cash/credit cards that can be tracked, and may make illegal, paper money bills of $50.00 and $100.00, which is all what we have in cash. I don’t want to put that “emergency cash” into gold for safe-keeping, but if this happens will I lose all of that cash I have withdrawn from the bank?
Question 4. Michael A: After the reset/collapse, it may be impossible to get a mortgage, would it be a good strategic move to try and buy now (even at inflated prices) while the loans are easier to secure then use the high value gold to pay down the mortgage after the reset? Basically take advantage of the easy money banks are pushing.
Question 5. Paul F: In regard to stock buying volume vs selling volume. How can the number of sales and purchases be different?


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