In the News Today

by Bill Holter

This is a very long and in depth view of the gold market with possible outcomes over the next 20 years. Well worth it if you have the time to read it entirely.

The Future of Gold from 2019 To 2039

Here you can find Sam’s extensive Thesis on Gold. In the Thesis, Sam examines the Developments in the Gold Market, Cycles Analysis, Gold Market Fundamentals, Gold’s Monetary Perspective, Central Banks’ relation to Gold, the flaws in the Efficient Market Hypothesis, Gold Market Manipulation, Gold’s history and many other smaller topics. The report is a form of Market analysis and aims to provide a reliable picture of where Gold prices and Gold usage are heading over the next 20 years. As the report is a full 200 pages, feel free to examine the subjects you find interesting – or alternatively read the whole paper!

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