Why Are Students So Depressed? (Fireside Chat Ep. 112)

from PragerU

This week, Dennis Prager addresses why the rates of depression among college students are the highest ever recorded. No desire to have a family, no religion, and contempt for America are several contributing factors to this rise.

0:00 Otto Is The Real Deal
1:19 Wearing A Jacket And Tie At Home
3:19 Depression Among College Students
4:00 There’s Nothing To Look Forward To
5:30 When Dennis Was In College
6:29 Dating Can Add A Lot To Life
8:47 Sex Week In College
9:55 Lack Of Religion
10:34 No Belief In America
12:10 So What Do You Have Left?
13:35 Cigarettes Don’t Play With Your Brain
14:20 Celebrate Your Country
15:09 A Video Question From Nigeria
16:33 What Keeps Dennis Going?
18:03 The Fight For Good To Prevail
18:54 Never Ask: What Can God Do For Me?
19:43 Normandy Beach Keeps Dennis Going
21:28 Dennis Loves Dark Humor
22:24 Hope For Conservative Ideas
23:18 What’s Wrong With Happy Holidays?
26:09 Lack Of Male Role Models
27:54 Every Country Lives On Stolen Land
29:25 The Secret To Longevity
34:32 Fireside Chats Are Important