Journalists Caught Celebrating Impeachment Then Lie About It, Media Endorsed Democrats Impeachment

from Tim Pool

Journalists CAUGHT Celebrating Impeachment Then LIE About It, Media ENDORSED Democrats Impeachment. Major news outlets are walking in lock step with the Democrats and they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

Following impeachment several journalists posted a photo of themselves together celebrating “impeachmas” which is a left wing anti trump meme.

Journalists are supposed to be impartial observers of the facts not pundits. if you want to be a pundit, no problem. I am a pundit and journalist meaning you know my bias and point of view. If you want to claim to be a reporter then you need to be fair and objective.

But these journalists were caught and embarrassed. In reality Washington Post had already endorsed impeachment as did several other news outlets.

How can we have a free society if our media openly and blatantly takes sides? How can we trust journalism if they all tell us they hate Donald Trump?

its no wonder Trump calls them Fake news. But what makes this funny is that even Nancy Pelosi had to shush democrats as they started to cheer for the impeachment vote. This photo is the same. Journalists started cheering and had to immediately shush up.

The truth is clear. They hate the president and are not objective

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